About Gail Cappadona

CPDT-KA & Owner

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With an extensive background managing all types of dog boarding facilities and 30 years of experience training dogs (including one that guarded Air Force One), Gail applies her profound understanding of both to every aspect of her jewel of a kennel.

Meet Gail Cappadona and see her in action training 4 month old ELLE RALHAUS (IPO3), daughter of two time world champion ZAMBO VOM RIEDSCHLURGI

Gail’s training philosophy is predicated on the idea that in order to build an unbreakable bond with your dog, the focus should always be on you (not the ground, a squirrel or other dogs). Once Gail has gained her pups’ undivided attention, she uses clarity, consistency, repetition and positive reinforcement to teach the lessons she wants them to learn. To Gail, every day is training day and every moment a teachable lesson. Even 3-4 week old Cappa’s German Shepherd puppies understand that it “pays to play.”