Dog Separation Anxiety & Boredom: Tips & Toys

Want ways to ease separation anxiety and boredom for your dog? Why not stimulate his or her mind? Possibly while

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Safety Tips for Dogs on Halloween

The spookiest day of the year is just around the corner!  Your dog’s safety is always top of mind at Cappa’s

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How to Leash Train a Puppy

Click to watch Gail demonstrate how to leash train a puppy. Notice that Gail walks backwards to keep this 3 month old Boxer’s

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Cues and Commands in Dog Training

  Today’s blog post is on using cues and commands in dog training. With a nod towards my first two

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Potty Training & Punishment

Usually calls from clients prompt me to write a blog post, and today is no different. I had this afternoon

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Compulsion, Puppies & Pinch Collars

Welcome to the new Cappa’s Kennel blog. We’ve decided on a conversational format that is driven by the problems, questions

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Puppy Party Invite

  There’s still room for your dog at our holiday table! But with space for only 30 dogs, we are

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News@Cappa’s Part 6

  News@Cappa’s Before Cappa’s Kennel opened its doors in Kingston NH, Gail, as one of APDT’s first certified East Coast

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News@Cappa’s Part 5

News@Cappa’s We are happy to report that Charlie has been safely delivered to her new home in San Francisco. Now

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News@Cappa’s Part 4

News@Cappa’s For those of you that follow us on Facebook, you already know that Charlie, the Swissy, has arrived in